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Born in Cumbria, UK in 1977 and raised with my brother in Germany from the age of 3 by the artist couple Keith and Teresa Thomas, I grew up on the road for 3 years before settling down with views of the nearby Alps..

My mother; working as a painter and influenced by the likes of Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and Ralph Steadman, encouraged me to bright, colourful ideas.

My father; working as an artist sculptor in iron and stainless steel, brought me up with 3D design, organic shaping of hard metal and engineered, conceptual problem solving.

…It was great finding my classmates and teachers hovering around my work when I re-entered the room after a quick break…

Having grown up and knowing the financial difficulties that living as an artist can bring, I decided to study Graphic Design in the vain attempt for a more secure lifestyle in this computer-art dominated society. After the first fun, hands-on years of studying the arts, eventually everything moved on to the PC. I concluded then that computers to this extent just weren’t for me.

I found myself studying alongside a tattooist who had become a good friend of mine and I spent as much time as I could watching her work; soldering the needles and learning about the setup of machines.

After completing my studies in 2001 I returned to the UK with ideas of being a mobile tattooist and working conventions. But having no real experience and having to work odd jobs, my dreams seemed out of reach until a lady tattooist was brought to my attention in 2003; Kyra Wilson at Inklination Tattoo studio.

It was her taking me under her wing and giving me the possibility to try myself at this very special art form at her studio that changed my life for good. I soon won several awards at various tattoo conventions!

Having the opportunity, at conventions, to talk to some of the greats like Bob Tyrrell-Canada/NY, Benjamin Moss-USA/Germany and Andy Engel-Germany, Scottie Ford & Kurt Wiscombe has influenced me and helped me immensely to improve my technique and given me new approach toward the tattoo.

On my trips to shows in Australia, Canada, Holland & Germany I’ve had the honour of working alongside some of the international greats such as Bob Tyrrell, Paul Booth, Jamie Henderson, Andrea Afferni, Liam Monahan, Jason Stuart, Joe Capobianco, Billy Decola and many more, who all are awe inspiring artist with their own knacks and approaches to the tattoo.

I’m keen to constantly improve my work and get the realism of my abstract designs as defined as I can. My customers are as diverse as my ideas, and I find satisfying their demands highly addictive.

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Ceri Williams Tattoos

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There is one private car park at the rear of the building.

Ceridwen Williams

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Opening of my diary date for the booking period Jan till April 2019 is on. On Sunday October 21st at 12 noon.
Please pop by in person or call the studio line on 02392176620 to make an appointment.

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I’ll be opening my diary on Sunday March 25th at 12 noon. Appointments will be taken in person or on the shop landline 02392176620 only.

No other methods of social media can or will be considered.

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I’ll be opening my diary and Francesco’s for the months January till April 2018 on Sunday October 29th at 12 noon. Please call the studion on 02392 176620 or pop in in person to Hey booked in.

The opening day of my diary for the months May till November will be on Sunday March 5th at 12 noon. Please pop in in person or call on 02392 176620.

I will not be taking any bookings in any other shape of media.

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Attending the NIX in Toronto June 9th till 11th and guest spotting atDeLuxe Tattoo Social Club.
187 Main Street East, North Bay, Ontario, P1B 1A9 from June 4th till 8th.